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Fraternity and Sorority Life

fraternity and sorority life web banner. Group photo of all FSL chapters being represented by a couple members from each.

Being in a fraternity or sorority is an important component of student life at UWF. With several different councils, there are plenty of organizations in which you can find connections. Joining a values-based fraternity or sorority is a great way to develop meaningful relationships, create a life-long network, enhance your leadership skills, engage in meaningful service and philanthropy efforts and be immersed in a social environment throughout the process. At their best, fraternities and sororities create foster invaluable life skills from exposure to diverse groups of students, make an impact globally and locally and create a sense of belonging throughout the college experience and beyond.

UWF offers an inclusive fraternity and sorority life community of 20 chapters and 550+ men and women. In the 2019-2020 academic year, FSL members completed 4,300+ service hours and raised $95,000+ for charity. Experience the journey, and find your place in the University of West Florida fraternity and sorority community.

FSL Info Session

The virtual FSL Info Session is now open and accessible to potential new members.  The steps below outline how to enroll for the course through Canvas.  The course needs to be fully completed in order to satisfy the membership eligibility requirement.

  1. Access My Classes via MyUWF.
  2. Click on "eLearning" at the top of the page.
  3. Navigate to "Enroll in the FSL Info Session Course."
  4. Select "Enroll."

Fraternity and Sorority Life Updates

Due to COVID-19, a number of of our events and processes have been adjusted. Please see below for all for all adjustments, continuing processes, updates, and guidance from headquarters regarding COVID-19 and chapter operations.

All four councils may have opportunities to join in the Spring 2021 semester. Please refer to the council pages to learn more about their process.

The Kappa Alpha Order expansion process will continue through Spring 2021.


Hazing Prevention

UWF is helping prevent hazing by implementing prevention and intervention programs that focus on strengthening the UWF community.

Hazing Prevention

FSL 2020

FSL 2020 is a three-pronged effort. By emphasizing Member Well-Being, Member Development and Chapter Excellence, UWF will establish a reputation for member experience that draws students not only to Greek life, but also to the institution.

FSL 2020

Chapter Performance Dashboard

The Chapter Performance Dashboard is an online resource that tracks and highlights chapter performance and quality.