Dr. Andrew Holdnak

  • Position:  Associate Professor - 4/469
  • Department:  Global Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Office Location:  FWB - Building 4, Room 69; Pensacola - Building 76, Room 119
  • aholdnak@uwf.edu
  • Campus: 8503146908


Dr. Andrew Holdnak, an authority on many types of tourism, is Associate Professor in the Department of Global Hospitality and Tourism Management.

He won the 2015 Resort and Commercial Recreation Association Excellence in Research Award for his case study of the financial impact of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. His report, “Comparing 2010 Gulf Oil Spill Estimated Tourism Impacts on Escambia County, Florida, Using Bed Tax Collection Data (Versus STR Data),” provided an in-depth gauge of the spill’s damage to the Pensacola economy and captured much larger losses than previous studies.

Holdnak’s research has ranged from aspects of sports and environmental tourism to recreational fishing, the boating community, the acceptance of pets in campgrounds, and the role of factory stores and shopping centers in attracting tourists. His work has been published in several books as well as in Journal of Tourism Insights, Tourism Management, and Event Management: an International Journal.

Holdnak’s studies have covered many geographic areas – Florida, Delaware and elsewhere.

His Ph.D. from Penn State included a major in Recreation and Parks and a minor in Business. He teaches a variety of courses, including Research, Travel & Tourism, Community Tourism Development, Programming and Special Events, and Condo and Vacation Ownership.

Keywords: BP oil spill impact, sports tourism, environmental tourism, pets in campgrounds, tourism attractions, tourism management, boating community, shopping tourism