Assembly and Processional Information for Graduates

A printed version of the ceremony instructions provided here will also be included in the cap and gown packages. UWF does not hold a ceremony rehearsal.

Graduates should familiarize themselves with the layout of the Pensacola Bay Center, the parking logistics and how best to access your entrance. (Student Entrance) Directional signage will be placed outside and along the tunnels around the Pensacola Bay Center to assist graduates in locating the line-up areas. Volunteers will be on hand to direct students and guests. Graduates will enter the Pensacola Bay Center from the north ground-level entrances. The entrances are adjacent to Gregory Street. 

Graduates must assemble in their respective areas at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. College marshals and ushers will be available to assist you in the organization of the processional. 

Graduates will process by type of degree then by college. The order of ceremony is- doctorals, educational specialists, masters then bachelors. Candidates are not lined up alphabetically. 

Special Accommodations


Students needing assistance should contact the Commencement Co-Coordinator, Lori Milkeris at (850)474-2250 or at least two weeks prior to the ceremony. The Coordinator will work with the student to provide reasonable accommodation requests. Students may also contact the ADA Programs Office for assistance at (850)474-2387.