Specialization Options

Students can specialize their studies with a focus on a particular subject of interest to further their education.

Sustainable Energy Systems

Energy presents one of the biggest challenges we face as we seek more sustainable ways of providing goods and services to society.  Traditional and emerging alternative sources of energy pose their own sets of problems. Addressing these challenges and understanding the ramifications of various energy alternatives requires both a systemic and multidisciplinary perspective, which can be obtained through the Specialization in Sustainable Energy.  Students following this specialization will gain exposure to a mix of courses in energy systems, energy industries and technologies, policy analyses, business, economics, finance, the environment, and law.

The Sustainable Energy Systems Specialization exists to prepare students to help lead in developing a more equitable, efficient, and cleaner energy future. Graduates of the Sustainable Energy Systems Specialization will be prepared to work in a variety of areas, including, but not limited to, private sector energy firms, energy consultancies and renewable energy start-ups, energy service companies, international financial institutions and development agencies, government agencies, and environmental think-tanks.


Four core courses and 1 elective course.

Specialization Core:
Students must complete 4 courses from within the Specialization Core (12 credits). These courses will give students in the energy specialization a strong foundation in the fundamental concepts required to understand energy systems and their interactions with the society, the economy, and the environment.

1)    Renewable Energy Systems
2)    Future Energy Systems
3)    Power Electronics
4)    Sustainable Power Systems: Planning, Operation, and Markets

Specialization Elective:
1)    Environmental Law

A typical schedule that can be followed:



Renewable Energy Systems


Future Energy Systems



Power Electronics and Drives


Sustainable Power Systems: Planning, Operation, and Markets



Environmental Law

This specialization increases student knowledge and professional preparations in the realm of sustainable energy systems; however, this is an unofficial designation and will not be listed on either the student's diploma or academic transcript.