Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering (CE) employs the development of computer hardware and software solutions for today's emerging technologies. Our ABET accredited BSCE provides students with a strong background in engineering analysis, design, and the implementation skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.

Program Description

Computer engineering deals with the body of knowledge that forms the theoretical and practical basis for the storage, retrieval, processing, analysis, recognition, and display of information. This also includes the design and implementation of computer systems and peripheral devices for information handling and engineering applications. The CE curriculum provides a balance of hardware, software, and computer theory and applications with a basic background in electrical engineering.

Students can complete all of the requirements for a dual degree with both a BS in Electrical Engineering and a BS in Computer Engineering.  In order to receive both degrees, all requirements for each degree must be met. If taken at the same time, elective courses may be carefully selected to maximize the overlap between the two programs, resulting in as few as an additional 13 credits required above one degree in order to complete the requirements for both.  See below for a best case list of the minimum number of courses required to complete all of the requirements for both degrees.  Note that if a student graduates with one degree, he/she must complete a minimum of 30 credits to receive the second degree.

Dual Degree Courses Example

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