Multiplatform Lab

The Multiplatform Lab (MPL) offers University of West Florida students resources to get in touch with computers not commonly found in a home setting – like unix/linux-based systems and Mac systems. Additionally laboratory assistants offer their help to solve your problems with courses, exercises and projects. They are there to help you!

Although these systems are open to all students of University of West Florida who want to gather experience with other platforms, right now they are mostly used by Computer Science students for courses, exercises and projects.

Staffing hours
There are no staffed hours for the MPL during the summer.  During the fall and spring semester the Lab is staffed with programming tutors managed by the Department of Computer Science. 

The illustration below is showing the map of the Multiplatform Lab:
The actual range of computers comprises:

  • 4 x Sun Solaris
  • 6 x dual computers Linux Fedora/ Windows XP
  • 6 x Apple with dual system Mac OS 10.5/ Windows XP
  • 10 x Linux Fedora

The MPL is located in Building 4, Room 221.