Graduate Student Spotlights - Hear for Yourself!

We are proud to recognize our outstanding graduate students for the work they are doing, and are excited to tell their stories!

Hear from graduate students and alumni who have found paths to success through an advanced degree at the University of West Florida.  We offer a wide range of degrees for a broad spectrum of educational backgrounds and career interests.

Then explore our university, choose your program of interest, and start your splash!

Austin Adkison

Austin Adkison talks about changing his major, and how it's important to pursue your passions in your education.

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Karen Barbee

Karen Barbee relates her coursework to her current job, giving her a practical basis for the concepts and techniques she is learning.

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Kara Benedict

As a working professional, Kara Benedict is able to bring her experience to the classroom, and hopes others will do the same.

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Christina Bolte

Christina Bolte shares her experience in finding the perfect program at UWF, and the opportunities she has found to grow in her work.

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Alicia Cross

Alicia Cross wants to further her education so she can help other nurses learn as well.

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Ray Czaja

Ray Czaja further develops his passion for teaching at UWF as an instructor during his graduate studies.

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Sarah Dawson

Sarah Dawson maintains a great relationship with her Public Health faculty and finds the right balance with working full-time and taking online classes.

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Julianne Gaubron

Julianne Gaubron is putting her coursework to practical use in her assistantship, and sees the value in strong communication & leadership skills.

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Brandee Greaves

Learn how Brandee Greaves found here career calling through her graduate studies.

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Micaiala Hamner

Micaiala Hamner has partnered with several departments on campus for her research, and has found her passion in research and teaching.

Watch Micaiala's video

Rachel Huang

Rachel Huang is finding a home here at UWF as an international student through her assistantships and classmates.

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Stephen Jones

As a local returning home and an Argo returning for grad school, Stephen Jones wants to help our communities become healthier.

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Joseph Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy describes his work in the classroom, as an assistant, and how the Department of Mathematics and Statistics became a home for him throughout his studies.

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Matthew Leight

Matthew Leight explains how he was able to chart his own course and find the best fit for his interests.

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Alex Leytham

Hear from current graduate student Alex Leytham how she has found a community and valuable experience here at UWF.

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John Link

John Link is transferring his experience from a military career into his graduate degree, and hopes to launch a second career with the skills he learns.

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Erika Neat Hendrick

Erika Neat Hendrick was excited to return to UWF to continue research in biology, and has been able to expand her knowledge and abilities through her studies.

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Joan Nkansah

Joan Nkansah has the goal of becoming a university administrator, and her doctoral program is giving her the experience she needs to succeed.

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Kylie Pugh

Kylie Pugh is excited to go into her chosen field of teaching with the experience she's gained at UWF.

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Bibi Reed

Bibi Reed took advantage of strong connections with the faculty at UWF to decide on and pursue her program.

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Cecil Robinson

Cecil Robinson is able to utilize his research and coursework to not only grow his knowledge, but also apply it to become a better advocate and ally.

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Susanna Rogers

Susanna Rogers finds an outlet for her ambition to teach at UWF, and is excited to engage in cutting-edge research.

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Dawn Semmes

In addition to the benefits of her program, Dawn Semmes chose UWF to help her son grow and thrive.

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Grace Sommerville

Grace Sommerville balances her academic pursuits and athletic schedule while working on a thesis - hear how she does it!

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Julia Steinmetz

Julia Steinmetz embraces her role as an instructor and a researcher throughout her studies at UWF.

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Anthony Terrano

Anthony Terrano has seen the full impact of what his graduate degree brings - and wants to use it to make people healthier.

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Shelby Vaughn

Shelby Vaughn has been an Argo every step of her education journey - and she sees value in a diverse background of knowledge.

Watch Shelby's video

Clement Yeboah

Clement Yeboah has built strong relationships with the faculty during his studies at UWF.

Watch Dawn's video

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