ISS Children and Society

The Interdisciplinary Children and Society program is for students desiring a focused yet broad exposure to the complex and interconnected issues surrounding today’s youth and their families. This program allows students to explore a variety of topics related to the educational and social development of children. Students also have the opportunity to discover the range of challenges and difficulties faced by children. Similarly, the program offers students a chance to identify early warning signs that children are “in trouble” and determine the best courses of action to help children to succeed in a complex world.

In addition to the University’s general requirements, students seeking the B.A. in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences must meet the requirements listed in the UWF Catalog.

Download the The Interdisciplinary Children and Society Academic Learning Compact (PDF) - Interdisciplinary-Social-Sciences-ALC

Download the The Interdisciplinary Children and Society Curriculum Map (PDF) - Interdisciplinary-Social-Science-Children-in-Society-(CMUG)

What to do with a Major in CEPS -- Children and Society

Pensacola Campus:
Ms. Chasity Manning
Academic Advisor
Phone: 850.474.2870

Fort Walton Beach (FWB) Campus:
Dr. Kathy Johnson
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Phone: 850.863.6588
Office: Bldg. 4, Rm 458