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Tutoring & Learning Resources provides free academic support services to all students enrolled at the University of West Florida including subject-based tutoring in many lower-division classes, academic coaching, and academic success workshops. 

Fall 2020 services are available  August 31, 2020 - December 4, 2020

The Fall 2020 Tutoring Schedule will available on or before 8/27/2020

Fall 2020 Tutoring Schedule

Service Announcements

Services Offered by Virtual Appointment

All services will be held virtually during the Fall 2020 semester. Please visit our live tutoring schedule for updates regarding tutoring availability. For more information, contact us at

Math Tutoring

Math and Statistics courses supported by TLR include MAC1105, MAC1105C, MAC1114, MAC1140, MAC1147, MGF1106, and STA2023. The Calculus Lab will continue to offer support for Calculus-level math courses.

Questions? Call us at (850) 474-3176 or email us at


Subject Based Tutoring

Tutors support students in understanding the content of their courses by guiding them through important concepts and common practice problems. During both a scheduled appointment and a walk-in session, tutors can assist in clarifying textbook chapters, reviewing study guides, understanding difficult ideas, developing vocabulary, and much more. Tutoring is available by walk-in and scheduled appointments. Please refer to the Tutoring Availability section for more information regarding appointment and walk-in availability.

Individual and group tutoring is available for the classes listed below. Courses offered are based on demand. New courses may be added throughout the semester. If your course is not offered or available times do not work with your schedule, please contact us at 850.474.3176 or to request additional tutoring options.

Fall 2020

Subject-Based Tutoring

Course NumberCourse Title
BSC 1005 General Biology/Non-Majors
BSC 1085 Anatomy & Physiology I
BSC 1086 Anatomy & Physiology II
BSC 2010 Biology I 
BSC 2011 Biology II
CHM 2045 General Chemistry I
CHM 2046 General Chemistry II
ECO 2013 Principles of Economics Macro
ECO 2023 Principles of Economics Micro
ENC 1101 & 1102 English Comp I & II (General Paper Reading)
LIT 2000 Intro to Literature (General Paper Reading)
MAC 1105 College Algebra
MAC 1105C College Algebra w/ Lab
MAC 1114 Trigonometry
MAC 1140 Precalculus w/ Algebra
MAC 1147 Precalculus w/Trigonometry
MGF 1106 Math for Liberal Arts I
PHY 2053 Physics w/ Algebra I
PHY 2054 Physics w/ Algebra II
PSY 2012 General Psychology I
SPN 1120C Spanish I
SPN 1121C Spanish II
STA 2023 Elements of Statistics
Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching provides one-on-one sessions led by student staff trained to help students develop the necessary skills to become successful and self-directed lifelong learners. Coaching provides academic skill building in areas such as time management, note taking, study skills, test prep, and goal setting.  Students will learn effective techniques for academic success by developing learning and personal management strategies.

To request an Academic Coach, please fill out the Academic Coaching Request Form.

General Paper Reading

Students review a paper or other written works with a tutor to address concerns about writing style, thesis development, organization, focus, grammar, and/or citations. The tutor will help clarify common issues and build positive writing habits.

Academic Success Workshops

The Academic Success Workshop Series is currently available virtually within the Center for Academic Success Canvas Course. Check out our opt-in instructions for more information on accessing the course


How to: College - A Workshop Series for Academic Success

Dive Deep into College Success

Dive Deep with us to uncover skills and tools to be successful as a college student. Learn how to conquer academic challenges and make your own path to success. Find your WHY and develop a personal creed to make your splash here at UWF.

Study Smarter, Not Harder

Make the most of your study time! Learn about the concept of Metacognition and how effective study strategies can take your studying to the next level. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable skills proven to increase your academic success.

Effective Time Management

Looking to manage your time more efficiently? Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn about techniques and technology you can use to successfully manage your time, beat procrastination, balance a busy schedule, and get things done!

Final Exam Prep

This workshop will present "The Core Four"- developing study plans, assessing study strategies, managing time, and managing stress. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to successfully tackle your final exams and end the semester with success.




SmartPen Loan Program

What is a Livescribe Smartpen?

A Smartpen is an assistive technology which captures everything you write, draw, speak or hear.  The Livescribe Smartpen is equipped with a camera, microphone and speakers, and as the note taker writes, the pen records audio and synchronizes the writing and sound.

How can it help me?

The Livescribe Smartpen takes the stress away of trying to write down everything during lecture. Use the Smartpen to write keywords and phrases, then you can go back and fill in your notes after class. This assistive technology can help you pay close attention to your instructor and worry less about taking perfect notes.

How can I get one?

Student eligibility to receive a Smartpen

  • Must be an actively enrolled undergraduate student at UWF.
  • Must complete Smartpen Training with TLR staff by viewing the Livescribe tutorial and Loan Policy videos.
  • Must schedule and attend a Study Skills Assistance session within 7 days of check out. Failure to complete this requirement will result in termination of this agreement and the required return of equipment.
  • Must attend a follow-up appointment 30-45 days after check out. TLR staff will contact the student via email to schedule the appointment. This appointment will determine eligibility for continued use of the pen or the return of the pen. Failure to complete this requirement will result in termination of this agreement and the required return of equipment.

How do I schedule an appointment?
Smartpens are available on a first come first served basis. Email Tutoring and Learning Resources at to set up an appointment to check out a Smartpen.

Want to learn more?

Visit for more information or search Youtube for tutorial videos.


Study Hall

Any student can utilize our facility for a positive and encouraging environment to study. Tutoring and Learning Resources has several computers, study strategy cards, and reference guides for multiple subjects. For classes and programs which require Study Hall hours, these hours can be tracked by swiping in/out of our kiosks available during operating hours at both our locations.

Tutoring Availability

How to View


Tutoring & Learning Resources offers services by walk-in and scheduled appointments. Our scheduling platform, Navigate, allows you to see walk-in times while also viewing available appointment times. The scheduling platform will allow you to choose the type of service you wish to receive.

Appointments last up to 60 minutes and cover a general range of topics. Appointments may be one-on-one or group based depending on the demand for that subject.

Walk-in Sessions: typically last 20-30 minutes to address specific concerns of a student. Students seeking walk-in services are seen on a first-come-first-served basis. Any student waiting for services is welcome to use Tutoring and Learning Resources facilities for studying until a tutor becomes available.

Click the button for step-by-step instructions on scheduling an appointment or viewing walk-in availability for services.

Viewing Availability or Scheduling a Tutor Appointment

Access Navigate

Additional Tutoring Services

Visit to view a full list of tutoring services available at UWF.