First Year Advising Staff

Testimonials about First Year Advising

We are always happy to help and love finding out that our students enjoyed their experience with advising as well. See some of the feedback we have received from them here:

"My advisor helped me to understand what classes I had to take in order to take all the classes I need for my degree. Overall, he was helpful and answered every annoying question I asked."

"We got straight to the areas that I needed help with to further my classes. She made sure I knew how to access places by myself and helped with any questions."

"She's awesome!!"

"She was very helpful."

"Ms.Wiggins is an exceptional advisor. She is so nice and has such a sweet personality. She knows what courses you need to advance towards your degree, but understands scheduling to fit your life. She doesn't try to push you into taking any classes but offers great advise about which ones might suit you best. She makes sure you understand how to navigate MyUWF and the registration process. Very efficient, but also does not rush. She is a great advisor."

"Ms.Riley is awesome."

"She went above and beyond in helping, and clarified a lot of things for me."

"My advisor is amazing. I told her every time I step into her office I feel like I'm finding my way a little closer to my major. She is very attentive, she walks me through all of the steps I need for whatever it is I'm going to see her for. She's also super personable and approachable. She is awesome."

"Good man."

"He's good at this."

"Very professional and provided a lot of help."