Earning Tenure and Promotion at UWF

This page links to and provides guidelines and recommendations to help faculty through the UWF tenure and promotion process.

Academic Affairs: Tenure, Promotion, and Evaluation

The Academic Affairs Tenure, Promotion, and Evaluation resource page contains a downloadable copy of the current UWF criteria for annual evaluations, tenure and promotion, and sustained performance evaluations. You can also find a list of recent recipients of promotion and tenure and the calendar for library promotion on their web site.

Advice to Faculty Preparing a Portfolio for Tenure and Promotion Review

Presentation on the Tenure and Promotion Process (Halonen, 2012) (PDF)

Jane Halonen, former Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, presented an overview of the revised tenure and promotion guidelines. The presentation includes advice to tenure and promotion candidates and to reviewers of tenure and promotion portfolios.

Guidelines on the Tenure and Promotion Process for New Faculty

The Center for University Teaching, Learning, and Assessment prepared a short document with advice to new faculty about earning tenure and promotion called Faculty Careers at UWF: Advice to New Faculty (PDF). This document provides a brief description of expectations related to teaching, research and scholarship, and service followed by a discussion of several strategies that contribute to successful progress toward earning tenure and promotion at UWF.

Teaching Partners

The Teaching Partners program helps faculty identify mentors for the development of effective and innovative teaching. Participants in Teaching Partners provide peer mentoring through mutual class observations and feedback. The Center for University Teaching, Learning, and Assessment facilitates a workshop each fall on procedures for conducting an effective classroom observation and supports the activities of faculty who participate in Teaching Partners.

Citation Searching

Faculty members sometimes need information about the impact of their scholarly publications for the promotion and tenure process. The impact of a faculty member's research is often measured by:

  • The number of times a published paper has been cited
  • The ranking of the journal in which a paper is published
  • The acceptance rate of submitted articles to a journal

The library has access to several resources that will help faculty track cited references, on the UWF Library Citation Searching page. This site can also assist in locating journal rankings and acceptance rates. It is important to realize that not all journals are included in citation databases.

Citation searching is more broadly used to identify the impact of certain research.

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