Academic Integrity Resources

Strategies and resources that promote academic integrity.

Faculty at Grant Workshop
Faculty engaged in discussion at a CUTLA grant writing workshop

Academic Affairs

Misconduct Code, information, forms, and instructions
Academic Misconduct Policy, Office of the Provost

UWF Regulation--Academic Misconduct (UWF/REG 3.030) (PDF)

Academic Integrity Resources at Boise State University

Promoting Academic Integrity

KTH Learning Lab (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

Resource (in English) on how to guide students away from plagiarism and promote scholarly authorship practices. A link to a PDF download of a handbook for faculty and students, Guiding students away from plagiarism, appears on the bottom of this page (PDF is in English).
Cheating and Plagiarism

Plagiarism Detection Software

Account information and tutorials for plagiarism detection software.


University Library Avoiding Plagiarism Guide

Users learn to define and recognize plagiarism in order to understand the importance of using others’ works ethically, understand why paraphrasing is useful and know when/how to paraphrase, avoid plagiarism in their own writing, and understand the penalties and academic impacts of plagiarism at UWF.

Once completed, the student can take a test and email the score to instructors to prove they have completed the tutorial.
University Library Avoiding Plagiarism Guide

Other Sources

Carroll, J. (2010). Designing out plagiarism: A brief guide for busy academics. University of Surrey.

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